Multiple Frames

9/13/12: The user can now use multiple frames to create more complex animations. With multiple frames, objects can appear and disappear during animations. They can go behind a another object, and then later appear in front of the object. The objects can scale from smaller to larger and from larger to smaller in the same animation.

8/15/12: JPEG and PNG images can be placed into the animation. They are mostly used as backgrounds. Users can upload a JPEG or PNG image for the desired background, click "Save As" and name the file.

6/13/12: The PnZ-Animation Cloud can now animate both movement and scaling.

Stationary Zoom

9/19/12: In SVG, any offset from the upper left-hand corner is scaled when the selection is scaled which causes the image to move as it is scaled. With this addition, when the object is selected, the offset to the left-hand corner is set to zero which allows the object to remain stationary as it is scaled.

Rotation Example

In the Animated Photos links, we have added "Advertising Example-1" which shows an example of an SVG advertising banner that uses rotation to pivot. We have not added this animation attribute to the cloud tool yet; however, this example is a preview of just one more fun to use attribute that is coming soon!

Custom Sizing

The downloaded animations can now be sized by the user. The animations can be sized either larger or smaller than the old "one-size-fits-all" size.

Faster Selection

The initial selection is much more accurate; in fact, it is usually perfect. When cleanup is needed, a couple of clicks with the new blob delete control usually does the trick.