PnZ Application Developers Program

By showcasing photo animation, we are demonstrating to other developers how their company can surf the vector based surge that SVG is creating. As this diagram shows, the PnZ Cloud can do much more than photo animation! The PnZ Cloud is a unique tool that gives developers new ways of changing data from electronic sensors into clean mathematics which are much more worthwhile than a bunch of disconnected dots that are full noise (the current state of affairs). Besides solving technical issues, the PnZ Cloud provides a convenient vehicle that allows developers to monetize their applications.

Application Development

PnZ Technology

When data enters into a computer from an electronic sensor, it arrives as a bunch of disconnected dots that are full of noise. In its final form, the PnZ Cloud will transform these dirty, disconnected dots into clean continuous mathematical equations. In it present form, it will remove much of noise and output discontinuous SVG paths.

Color Segmenter: The color segmenter removes much of the noise, by putting the picture back to the correct number of colors. In the diagram, the image was a 3 color image on the word processor. When the image was printed out and scanned, it came back with about 15,000 colors. The color segmenter put it back to 3 colors.

Blob Builder: After color segmentation, the blob builder traces the blobs.

Blob Grouper: The blob grouper coverts blobs that are within an acceptable tolerance of each other into the same blob. This part is not in the current PnZ Cloud.

Blob Shaper: The blob shaper converts blobs into their simplest mathematical shape if the blob is within an acceptable tolerance of that shape. This part is not in the current PnZ Cloud.

Data Tagger: The data tagger is a non-Von Neumann computer setup in the data tagger configuration. It passes judgement on every possible combination of data, and these judgements are used to build SVG output that has continuous mathematical functions.

Blob to SVG Converter: Converts blobs into SVG paths.

Macro Controls: The PnZ Cloud is controlled by macros which are documented in the user manual.

Cloud Community: Clouds can easily be connected to other clouds which allow developers to embellish their application with resources from the Internet. It takes a community to build the best apps.